I used to be her garment

As a fashion designer I am confronted with the waste of the fashion industry on a daily base. This idea triggered me to search for ways to create more awareness in the value of designing fashion and not wasting it so fast. I don't want to design waste, this was not what it supposed to be.



Experience in the fashion industry taught me that many fabrics are made of polyester ‘plastic’ fibers. As plastic is recycled in many ways it started my interest to see if there are more ways to upcycle clothes. As I was still convinced this should be possible and melt plastic clothing into plastic, I bought an oven and started experimenting. After many attempts I made some awesome developments and I became really excited to share this with other design disciplines. As I believe, this could be of great value for the industry and maybe give a new life to a lot of fast fashion waste. Maybe even to let people think twice about the value of their purchase or to challenge them to make something out of it themselves.



Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Email: contact@nadjawering.com


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